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The Tattersfield Family Trees

Including nearly all members of the Tattersfield Family.

For convenience, the Family Tree Charts are shown separately. Charts numbered 1, 2&3, and 4 all show descendents in and around Heckmonwike, W. Yorkshire, of Joseph Tattersfield (1747-1795). Charts 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 relate to families in York, Hull, London/Warwick, Leeds and Lancashire respectively. Chart 10&12 contains early data, mostly from Dewsbury Parish registers, and includes the ancestry of Joseph Tattersfield (1747-1795). Chart 11 stems from Mirfield. Chart 20 relates to the name TATTERFIELD in Massachusetts, USA. The information available is summarised in the table below:

AreaHead of ChartDatesColor
HeckmondwikeJoseph Tattersfield1747-1795
HeckmondwikeJoseph's son, Joseph1779-1851
HeckmondwikeJoseph's daughtersFrom 1770
YorkThomas TattersfieldMarried 1770
HullDavid TattersfieldDied 1799
London/WarwickshireJohn TattersfieldDied 1790
LeedsSamuel Tattersfield1759-1840
LancashireJohn Tattersfield1795-c.1829
"Dewsbury"Christopher TattersfieldMarried 1712
MirfieldJoseph Tattersfield1769-1840
TATTERFIELDWilliam Henry Tatterfield1846-1924

The original relationships of Charts 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 20 to each other and to the Heckmondwike/Dewbury Charts 1-4, 10&12, are not yet known.

For each Chart, there is an alphabetical Index. For non-living people, dates of birth and death are shown, where known. For living people, no dates are shown.

To access the Charts, and discover your Tattersfield ancestry, identify a known ancestor in the index of one of the Charts. Click on that name. Details of that person will appear, including dates of birth, marriage and death, names of spouse, parents and children. Immediately below, a display shows the ancestry of the selected person back to the start of the Chart. Below that is the descendency chart of the person selected, each successive generation being indented from the one above.

All names shown in blue are links to that person.

Privacy of living people has been safeguarded. As far as possible, the name and all details of living people have been excluded from the display, and are marked "Living".

In addition to the details displayed, I hold Notes about some individuals, which are not shown. If some of the details displayed stop in mid-sentence, the remainder is in the Notes - please ask me for it.

If you are descended from a Tattersfield, but cannot find the connection, please e-mail me at for help. I shall be happy to send a tree of your immediate family which will connect back to the appropriate Chart shown in this section.

There is a small TATTERFIELD family, centred on Massachusetts, USA. An ancestor of this family came to Massachusetts from Newfoundland, Canada, about 1870-1875. The genealogy of this family is also given in Chart 20. However, no connection with the Tattersfield Family has yet been established.

Caution : Under Construction!

A word of caution for the moment! The presentation in standardised form of genealogical material gathered over decades gives rise to some anomalies. Obvious among these is the fact that a person whose dates of birth and death are not known may currently be shown as "Living", even if they clearly are not! Attempts will be made to weed out these problems. The Family Tree information is being published for the first time in December, 2007, and we are still discovering small issues that need attention.

If in doubt, please contact me.

Table of Contents

  1. Chart 1

    Heckmondwike Family. Descended from Joseph Tattersfield (1747-1795) through his younger sons, John (1784-1856), William (1786-1856) and Moses (1791-1857).

  2. Charts 2&3

    Heckmondwike Family. Descended from Joseph Tattersfield (1747-1795) through his eldest son Joseph (1779-1851).

  3. Chart 4
    Heckmondwike Family. Descended from Joseph Tattersfield (1747-1795) through his daughters Sally, Hannah, Patience, Nancy and Betty.

  4. Chart 5
    York Family. Descended from Thomas Tattersfield, who married in 1770.

  5. Chart 6
    Hull Family. Descended from David Tattersfield, who died in 1799.

  6. Chart 7
    London/Warwickshire Family. Descended from John Tattersfield, who died in 1790

  7. Chart 8
    Leeds Family. Descended from Samuel Tattersfield (1759-1840).

  8. Chart 9
    Lancashire Family. Descended from John Tattersfield (1795-c.1829).

  9. Charts 10&12
    "Dewsbury" Family. Descended from Christopher Tattersfield, who married in 1712, and POSSIBLY descended from Thomas Tattersfield, who died in 1706. This Chart shows the ancestry of Joseph Tattersfield (1747-1795) and therefore provides further ancestry for all persons in Charts 1, 2&3 and 4.

  10. Chart 11
    "Mirfield" Family. Descended from Joseph Tattersfield or Tattersall (1769-1840).

  11. Chart 20
    The TATTERFIELD Family in Massachusetts. Descended from William Henry TATTERFIELD (1846-1924), who was born in Newfoundland, Canada. No connection with the Tattersfield Family has yet been established.

Happy Hunting!

John Tattersfield
1st December, 2007

©John Tattersfield, 2007

Last corrected: 1st December, 2007

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